Film projector

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Film projector

Whether you are looking for a business, education, home entertainment, or portable projector, Amazon. Enjoy the convenience of purchasing from your home by ordering projectors from Amazon. We offer competitive prices, fast shipping, and the security of getting your projector from a trusted leader in online retail.

The sheer variety of available projectors can be confusing or overwhelming. To help you find what you're looking for, we have organized our catalog by the most common uses for easy navigation. In addition, we also have sections and videos on lumens, color lumens, contrast ratio, resolution, and weight to highlight key features when looking for projectors. You can also shop by brand. With Amazon. Skip to main content. Office and Education Find the projector that elevates your boardroom or classroom.

Home Entertainment Create the perfect home entertainment system with these projectors. In Stock. FREE Shipping on eligible orders.

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Home Theater. Dual HDMI. USB Video. Free Shipping by Amazon. Works with Alexa. Our Brands. Frustration-Free Packaging. Built-In Speakers. Internet Ready. Internet Built-In. Short Throw. New Arrivals. Energy Star.

Amazon Global Store. International Shipping Eligible.Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

film projector

The last time my friends came over for movie night, we decided to take the entertainment outdoors. Blankets and lawn chairs were hastily arranged to form a makeshift viewing area around a king-size sheet, that had been pulled tightly against a fence.

Flames licked marshmallows roasting over our outdoor fire pit while we passed around hot toddies and black coffee until we were all delighted and settled in for the film. Not all projectors are created equal. While there are a number of companies making decent portable projectors these days, some are better served for Powerpoint than motion pictures.

With the ability to transmit images from your computer, tablet or media player onto a screen or wall, the best projectors eliminate the need to crowd around your device or connect to a TV, while offering up a wider, more versatile viewing experience. There are many factors to think about when choosing the right projector for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

As the name suggests, the best 4K projectors display 4K content with better clarity, contrasts and detail than HD projectors. Images are sharper and more vivid, with the projectors capable of reproducing more shades and tones along the color gamut. The best 4K projectors also feature powerful processors that faithfully reproduce the source material the way it was created, letting you see a show or film the way the creator intended, with more accurate and life-like images. Whites are bright without being blurry, and darks are crisp and clean, without blending into the background.

The best 4K projectors are great for gaming too, especially where players need to see and discern every last detail. By casting a larger screen, a projector provides a larger, more immersive viewing area for gamers to make their moves. Still, everything from the Super Bowl to The Simpsons airs in 4K these days, so this is a home entertainment component worth picking up. Most brands recommend sitting at least feet away from the image, to get the best view of all the 4K pixels working together to create your immersive home theater experience.

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The BenQ TK projector offers real 4K UHD resolution, with more than eight million pixels working to deliver sharper images, greater clarity and more true-to-life details.

Choose from five brightness settings to find the right levels for your screen size and gain. We tested the projector outdoors too, and images were still clean and well-defined, even in the sun. A quick adjustment of the settings for nighttime, drew out vivid brights and crisper blacks, against the darker environment. Long, 15, hour lamp life. What that means: more accurate images with brighter whites and deeper blacks and a wider range of all the colors in between. Movie buffs will want to invest in this feature-packed projector from Optoma, which throws up a powerful display that truly displays your content on the big screen.

The Best Projectors (and 2 Screens) You Can Buy

What that means: pick out more of the subtle details that basic projectors might miss, and get razor sharp images that better mirror real-life or what the creator intended. Get up to 15, hours of lamp life with this projector. PROS : Delivers the largest screen size on our list. Easy connectivity to all gaming consoles, computers, smartphones and more.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Our collection of the best mini-projectors let you take a screen with you wherever you go. Some of these projectors are small enough to fit in your back pocket, or at the very least, in a backpack without much trouble. This portability often comes at the cost of resolution and brightness, which makes these projectors far better suited to indoor viewing.

If you're looking to do some viewing outdoors, or in a particularly bright room, make sure to check out our list of the best projectors. More than an all-in-one small form factor projector, the Anker Nebula Capsule II is a grab-and-go entertainment setup, with speakers and all. Whereas the first-generation model introduced a built-in 5-watt speaker that, for all intents and purposes, was pretty loud for the price, the Capsule II steps that up.

This time you can expect an 8-watt built-in speaker for even more power. But that's not all. The company has also increased the resolution to x, putting it firmly in the HD realm. This is an upgrade from the x resolution of the previous-generation Anker Nebula Capsule, which admittedly is still a better bang for your buck. Anker has also stepped up the brightness to ANSI lumens, meaning you don't need to sit in the dark to enjoy its views.

Plus, with Chromecast capabilities built right in, you can cast content from more than 3, apps, making the Nebula Capsule II one of the most versatile options for consuming media on the go. Measuring 3. It's capable of projecting a screen size up to inches on a wall. The inclusion of dual speakers adds to the audio-visual mix, while noticeably low fan noise allows for complete immersion in whatever is on the screen.

The 25, hours of LED life allows for 1, days of hour video playback before the bulb will burn out. This popular portable projector is a great option for those who want a versatile budget device that can play all kinds of media.

Unlike many pricier models, the Vankyo 3 does not have a Wi-Fi connection. Its simple plug-and-play setup makes it easy to attach a streaming stick, cable box, gaming console, or even a flash drive. You can also connect your smartphone using an HDMI adapter cable sold separately. In terms of image size, the Vankyo 3 projects a picture up to inches across.

The ideal placement is 6. With enhanced brightness and x resolution, your media is clear and sharp. But one of the most appealing aspects of a mini projector is its portability, and the Vankyo is designed with this in mind.

Weighing less than three pounds, this projector is lighter than many laptops and even comes with its own carrying case for extra portability. The LED projector boasts a native resolution of x pixels and can upscale video content to i.Gathering the family to watch a film everyone agrees on Cats?

To turn your yard into a home theater, though, you'll need a projector — one that works just as well outside as it does in.

While the vast majority of projectors aren't marketed exclusively for outdoor use, there are plenty of options that will suit backyards, rooftops, and porches with no issues.

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You'll even be able to take super portable projectors on camping trips. You'll just need to keep a few attributes in mind, including brightness, portability, throw distance, and sound. Whatever the particular needs of your outdoor space, there's likely a projector on this list for you. It's pretty easy to control the light level indoors: If you want it to be darker, turn the lights off and close the blinds. Outdoors, brightness is largely out of your hands — all you can do is wait for the sun to set and hope there isn't too much ambient light for your picture to handle.

Keep your yard's brightness level in mind while choosing a projector. If you aren't worried about ambient light — like you live in a rural area with very little light pollution, for example, or your backyard is far away from your neighbors — brightness may not be your biggest concern. If you anticipate environmental light getting in the way, though, go for one of the brighter options on the list.

Here, brightness is recorded in lumens. Then, there's throw distance, which refers to the distance between the projector's lens and the screen.

A projector with a long throw distance is able to project a high-quality image while sitting farther from the screen; a projector with a shorter throw distance should sit closer to the screen. If you're in a big backyard, you may want a longer throw distance. For a rooftop or tiny porch, a shorter throw distance will be ideal. Choosing the right projector for your space's size can be tricky, so we've tried our best to specify the locations in which our picks will work best.

If you'd like to read further, there are several informative guides out there. Our favorite is on the Epson blog and includes a useful throw distance calculator. You can't store a projector outside, of course, so we've made sure to feature relatively lightweight options that are easy to lug out to the backyard. Each of our picks weighs under 10 pounds; still, If you want to travel with your projector, you'll probably want the lightest option possible.

The projector will do lots of the work for you, as well it should. But if you're building an outdoor theater from scratch, there are a few other supplies you'll need as well, including:. A screen on which to project. This could be anything from an an actual screen intended for outdoor use to a white sheet to a wall to the side of your garage. Just be sure you're projecting onto your own property! A separate sound system, potentially. A lot of projectors — including and especially lightweight ones — don't have great built-in speakers.

We suggest purchasing a separate set of external speakers in many cases, especially if the projector's built-in speakers provide less than 5 watts of sound. A power strip and extension cords, if your projector doesn't run on battery.Skip to main content. Switch to Walmart app.

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film projector

Holiday Decor.There's nothing like watching your favorite films in a dark room on a massive screen. For that authentic movie theater experience, you'll need a projector and a popcorn maker.

It's a fantastic time to be considering this classic viewing tech. You used to have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to get an excellent projected experience, but you can now get a massive, beautiful picture for less than the cost of a flagship TV.

Projectors are also much more portable and easier to set up than they were before.

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There are excellent pocket-sized and short-throw models that make presentations and lawn-side movie nights as easy as finding an extension cord and a level chair to set them on.

Below you'll find our favorite models in all shapes and sizes, and a couple of our favorite screens to pair with them. Working on a total home theater overhaul?

Best outdoor projectors and projector screens of 2020

Factory calibrated color, true 4K resolution, and the ability to optimize light output for better-than-usual contrast make the BenQ HT my favorite projector right now. It's lightweight and super easy to set up, thanks to a short "throw"—the required distance between your screen and the projector—and built-in optical zoom, which gives you a good amount of room to find the perfect spot to set it up.

Movies look bold and cinematic, but you'll still probably want to watch the HT in a dark room. If you're interested in a projector that looks very similar but works well in the daytime, try the TKM. It boasts a higher overall brightness to compete with the sunlight. If you're designing a dedicated home theater with stadium seating, you'll want a larger projector like the Epson UB. It offers a cinema-quality lens, sharp colors, and astonishing black levels.

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I spent about a month with the Vava 4K laser projector since first laying eyes on it at CESand I liked the darn thing more with every passing day. It has an ultrashort throw, which means it can project a inch image while just 7. Coupled with the fact that it has a built-in Harman Kardon soundbar, it's easily the fastest projector I've ever set up from box to Netflix.

It also looks fantastic, though not quite as sharp as our top pick. A word to the wise: Buy a streaming device to go with it. The projector does have an Android interface, but the apps are garbage—I could barely get Netflix to work at all. Just use a Roku or Chromecast instead. The Optoma GTHDR is a great way to play your favorite console games on a big screen, thanks to 3, lumens a lot!A movie projector is an opto - mechanical device for displaying motion picture film by projecting it onto a screen.

Most of the optical and mechanical elements, except for the illumination and sound devices, are present in movie cameras. The main precursor to the movie projector was the magic lantern. In its most common setup it had a concave mirror behind a light source to help direct as much light as possible through a painted glass picture slide and a lens, out of the lantern onto a screen.

Simple mechanics to have the painted images moving were probably implemented since Christiaan Huygens introduced the apparatus around Initially candles and oil lamps were used, but other light sources, such as the argand lamp and limelight were usually adopted soon after their introduction. Magic lantern presentations may often have had relatively small audiences, but the very popular phantasmagoria and dissolving views shows were usually performed in proper theatres, large tents or especially converted spaces with plenty seats.

Both Joseph Plateau and Simon Stampfer thought of lantern projection when they independently introduced stroboscopic animation in with a stroboscopic disc which became known as the phenakistiscopebut neither of them intended to work on projection themselves.

His Phantaskop had a front with separate lenses for each of the 12 pictures on a disc and two separate lenses were cranked around to direct light through the pictures.

Wordsworth Donisthorpe patented ideas for a cinematographic film camera and a film presentation system in In reply to the introduction of the phonograph and a magazine's suggestion that it could be combined with projection of stereoscopic photography, Donisthorpe stated that he could do even better and announce that he would present such images in motion. His original Kinesigraph camera gave unsatisfactory results. He had better results with a new camera in but never seems to have been successful in projecting his movies.

Eadweard Muybridge developed his Zoopraxiscope in and gave many lectures with the machine from to It projected images from rotating glass disks.

film projector

The images were initially painted onto the glass, as silhouettes. A second series of discs, made in —94, used outline drawings printed onto the discs photographically, then colored by hand. For each scene, 24 glass plates with chronophotographic images were attached to the edge of a large rotating wheel and thrown on a small opal-glass screen by very short synchronized flashes from a Geissler tube. He demonstrated his photographic motion from March until at least January to circa 4 or 5 people at a time, in Berlin, other large German cities, Brussels at the Exposition UniverselleFlorence, Saint Petersburg, New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

Between and he concentrated on the exploitation of an automatic coin-operated version that was an inspiration for Edison Company's Kinetoscope. From 28 November to at least May he projected his recordings from two intermittently rotating discs, mostly in seat halls, in several German cities. During circa 5 weeks of screenings at the old Berlin Reichstag in February and Marchcirca 7.

In Louis Le Prince applied for a US patent for a lens device that combined a motion picture camera with a projector. Inhe used an updated version of his camera to film the motion picture Roundhay Garden Scene and other scenes. The pictures were privately exhibited in Hunslet. However, he went missing after boarding a train in France and was declared dead in His widow and son managed to draw attention to Le Prince's work and eventually he came to be regarded as the true inventor of film a claim also made for many others.

After years of development, Edison eventually introduced the coin-operated peep-box Kinetoscope movie viewer inmostly in dedicated parlours. He believed this was a commercially much more viable system than projection in theatres.


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