Catfish in india

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Catfish in india

From smaller lakes to larger reservoirs, here are five-plus waters where you'll find some of Hoosierland's finest angling for whiskerfish. One of these picks is surely near you! Boaters and bank-fishermen alike are finding plenty of action right now, and there are plenty of whiskerfish to go around. Channel catfish still lead the way for numbers in the Hoosier State's whiskered lineup, while flatheads and blues produce the lunker specimens.

This 1,acre large water contains a nice population of channel catfish, according to fisheries biologist Bob Robertson. The lake offers anglers a reasonable chance for landing a big channel cat.

There aren't a lot of catfish in the lake, but there seems to be plenty of big ones. The numbers aren't high in Maxinkuckee, probably due to all the other game fish in the lake, but the sizes are. Randy Walter has fished the lake for a long time. That fish dragged our boat around for a half hour and we never even got a look at it before it got off.

Walter is convinced there are bigger catfish in the lake that no one may ever see. Anglers generally come unprepared for what swims in the lake's depths and the result is usually the same as he and his brother experienced. The water at the dam reaches feet, so there's plenty of room for whiskerfish to grow fat and sassy. He's seen many pounders and has taken a pound fish himself, but they get much bigger than that. One of Walter's customers tried netting a big catfish that had a head large enough that it wouldn't fit into a regular-sized bass net.

When the angler and his partner tried to wrestle the catfish into the boat, it surged, broke the line and sank back into the deep water. They claim the fish was several feet long. Catfish like this are the stuff legends are made of. The most productive areas for channels and flatheads are on the south end of the lake along the east side at night or in Academy Bay.

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Both areas have shallow water and lots of structure. Maxinkuckee Lake is Indiana's second largest natural lake and is located in Culver. There is a ramp on the southwest corner of the lake. It also goes by the name of the Dallas Chain. But no matter what you call it, the lake pumps out some hefty channel cats.

Fisheries biologist Neil Ledet gives the chain a thumbs-up and recommends it highly. Over the last decade, the number of catfish stocked on a bi-annual basis has increased to about 6, fish per stocking. This isn't a typical catch, but there are some pretty nice catfish taken.

Most low-light anglers prefer stink baits, but night crawlers seem to work as well as anything, said Cooper, and anglers specifically targeting the chain's cats stock up on crawlers along with other traditional baits when they're in the bait shop. The chain offers a total of acres and is located nine miles south of LaGrange near Wolcottville. Anglers can boat throughout the chain no matter where they launch. For additional information, contact District 2 at ; or call The Angler Bait and Tackle in Hudson at The population of good-sized fish is very impressive.

Of the catfish collected, 51 percent were also at least 16 inches in length. Five percent were at least 24 inches long and 1 percent hit the inch mark, or longer. No matter how the numbers get crunched, Monroe is offering up some nice-sized catfish and lots of them. An amazing thing about Monroe's fishery is that it's self-sustaining without the advantage of the DNR's bi-annual stockings.Information about Catfish Catfishes belong to the suborder siluroidea of the order Teleostei.

Theses are large headed stout bodied fishes with tactile barbells around the mouth. The name catfish referred to these barbells. Skin is naked. The catfishes are found in rivers, ponds, reservoirs and streams.

African Catfish Battle to Stay in India

Types of Catfishes in India Catfish Wallago attu Four barbells are present in Wallago attu Catfish, the anal fin is large and caudal fin is bilobed. It is found in rivers, lakes and ponds and it is highly valued as food fish.

catfish in india

Catfish Saccobranchus Cat fish Saccobranchus is found in rivers, ponds and streams and lakes. Four pairs of barbells are present. Only one dorsal fin is present in Saccobranchus. It is a delicious food fish.

Catfish Clarius Catfish Clarius is found in rivers and ponds and is considered a delicious food fish. Mouth of Clarius is surrounded by long barbells. Dorsal and anal fins are long and extend up to the caudal fin.

Catching A MONSTER Goonch Catfish - CATFISH - River Monsters

Catfish Mystus seenghala Catfish Mystus seenghala is the giant river fish and reaches a length of up to 1 m. Two dorsal fins are present.

Mystus seenghala catfish is commonly used for food. More articles: CAT India. Being the most popular educational website in India, we believe in providing quality content to our readers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel free to contact us using the Contact link below.

Login Register. Related Articles. Duration of CAT ?This is a list of the fish species found in India and is based on FishBase. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article.

catfish in india

Protected areas. Biosphere reserves Wildlife sanctuaries Conservation areas Private protected areas Reserved and protected forests. Conservation and community reserves. National Ministry of Environment and Forests. Related topics. World Wide Web electronic publication. Tharian, A. Ali, S. Dahanukar Journal of Threatened Taxa 5 5 : —; doi Bombay Nat.

Expert Advice on Catching Indiana Catfish

Manojkumar and K. Salarias reticulatusa new freshwater blenny from Chalakudy river, Kerala, South India. Pristolepis rubripinnis, a new species of fish from southern India Teleostei: Percomorpha: Pristolepididae. Vishwanath Validity and redescription of Glyptothorax manipurensis Menon and record of G. Book Category Asia portal. Categories : Lists of fishes Fish of India. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Wikipedia articles needing clarification from October Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Protected areas Biosphere reserves Wildlife sanctuaries Conservation areas Private protected areas Reserved and protected forests Conservation and community reserves Communal forests Lists National parks Ramsar Sites.Catfishes for sale in India.

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Kali River goonch attacks

Favorites Chennai. Flowerhorns, parrot fish, catfish, teenpoe with tanks. My name is Sujeet Singh. I have 2 tanks to sellthere was beautifull 9 inch flowerhorns fish4 parrot fish, 2 cat Favorites Vapi.

Favorites Bilaspur.The Kali River goonch attacks were a series of fatal attacks on humans believed to be perpetrated by man-eating lb fish [1] in three villages on the banks of the Kali River in India and Nepalbetween and This is the subject of a TV documentary aired on 22 October[ citation needed ] as well as an episode about the Kali River goonch attacks on the Animal Planet series River Monsters.

The first attack occurred in Aprilwhen atyear-old Dil Bahadur, while swimming in the river, was dragged underwater in front of his girlfriend and several eyewitnesses.

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No remains were found, even after a three-day search spanning 5 kilometers 3. Three months later, at Dharma Ghat, a young boy was pulled underwater in front of his father, who watched helplessly. No corpse was ever found.

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The final attack occurred in when an year-old Nepalese man disappeared in the river, dragged down by something described as a mud colored 'water pig'. British biologist Jeremy Wade volunteered to capture the perpetrator.

Though originally skeptical of the truth behind the attacks, he later became intrigued because the attacks only occurred in a specific area spanning 4—5 miles. He was told by the villagers that the creature likely developed a taste for human flesh and had grown large after eating half burnt human remains discarded from funeral pyres on the river banks.

After examining the water where Bahadur had disappeared with a depth sounderWade discounted the possibility of the boy having been dragged by a whirlpoolas the attacks all occurred in areas without turbulence.

Later, a kilometer away, a domestic water buffalo was reportedly dragged underwater by a strange animal while drinking in water only one meter 3 feet deep.

Wade theorised that the creature would have had to have weighed — lbs in order to do so. All three species of crocodile possible in the area were dismissed: saltwater crocodiles are not known to travel so far inland; the jaw structure of gharials prevents them from killing humans or buffalo; and mugger crocodilesthe most common Indian species, do not inhabit the cold torrents of the Kali River.

Also, crocodiles had never been seen on land to bask or breed. Although bull sharks were initially considered, an underwater investigation in the area where the buffalo disappeared by marine biologist Rick Rosenthal yielded no sightings of bull sharks.

Furthermore, Wade believed that bull sharks would not have lived so far upriver, and there had been no sightings of dorsal fins breaking the water's surface. However, during the underwater investigation, a meter long goonch catfish was sighted, which Wade unsuccessfully tried to capture. Later underwater investigations yielded numerous group sightings of goonch, six of which were man-sized.

A record breaking 6 ft goonch was captured the day after, and was weighed at Although Wade estimated that the fish was strong and large enough to eat a small child, he stated on interview that he believed that larger specimens were likely to exist, and that the specimen he captured was not large enough to be the alleged maneater, on the basis of the sizes of the victims. These events were shown on his program River Monsters.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Attacks [ edit ] The first attack occurred in Aprilwhen atyear-old Dil Bahadur, while swimming in the river, was dragged underwater in front of his girlfriend and several eyewitnesses. The Telegraph. Retrieved 25 July Animal Planet.December 14, report.

The newly discovered fish was named Horaglanis abdulkalami in honor of a former president of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, whose contributions to science had inspired the scientists. The team was led by Dr. They were studying the organisms living in the old well in Irinjalakuda in the Thrissur district when they found the blind catfish, which is only 3.

The catfish feeds on organic matter in the sediments at the bottom of the well. The fish was examined using a scanning electron microscope SEMwhich revealed its skin was covered in pores, especially in the head area, indicating the fish respires through its skin as well as through the gills.

The blind catfish is the third so far discovered in Kerala state, but H. Krishnai, in gill membrane physiology and the structure of its dorsal and caudal fins. The newly discovered catfish is one of several species of hypogean living underground catfish, and like many catfish is a bottom feeder. In the paper, the scientists say that the presence of H.

In the same region the researchers also discovered a previously unknown species of blind eel, which they called Monopterus trichurensis after the district in which they found it. The researchers said their discoveries are significant because the groundwater aquifers in Kerala and elsewhere in India are rich in biodiversity but are poorly documented.

The next phase in the research is to sequence the genome of the catfish to determine its relationships with similar species in India and elsewhere. Further studies are also planned to determine the lifespan of the blind catfish and eel.

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Nandan said initial indications were that they could "live for a couple of years. The paper was published in the Indian science journal Samagra.

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catfish in india

More information Privacy policy. This site uses cookies to assist with navigation, analyse your use of our services, and provide content from third parties. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Share Twit Share Email. Top: Horaglanis krishnai Menon; Middle: H.

Credit: Photos: K. Subhash Babu. More information: Horaglanis abdulkalami, a new hypogean blind catfish Siluriformes: Clariidae from Kerala, India. Subash Babu PDF. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission.

The content is provided for information purposes only.Indianapolis guide Eddie Brochin shares his tips on whiskerfishing on the White River, plus Monroe and Geist reservoirs. By Greg Schwipps By midnight, we were worried. Six hours is a long time to fish without a strong bite. My birthday had been the day before, but it looked like no presents were coming in the shape of flathead catfish. Before he finished his sentence, the clicker on a reel started singing its song.

I grabbed the rod and let the circle hook seat itself. After a few lunges and a couple of line-threatening runs, the fish swam near the boat. This was a powerful cat - certainly the strongest I had hooked - and the only light to see it by came compliments of the moon overhead. When the flathead tired, or at least paused, Brochin grabbed it and swung it over the gunnel. It looked like he was pulling a small child aboard. The big whiskerfish was exactly 4 feet long.

An hour later, I boated another flathead measuring just a little longer. We photographed and released both fish. Driving home was a pleasant experience having enjoyed the best birthday present ever. I've driven cross-country for good catfishing, but my biggest fish came from right here in central Indiana. Brochin showed me new things about a body of water I knew well. He has a lot of experience, but more than that, he just thinks like a catfish.

There's a lot of exceptional catfishing found within Indiana's borders. And while catfishing is growing in popularity, channels, flatheads and blues are still probably underfished and certainly under appreciated. If you want to fish three superb Indiana catfish waters - Geist and Monroe reservoirs and the White River - this summer by yourself, what follows is some of what Brochin has learned from many years of fishing these waters. Early summer is called the pre-spawn period, and catfish are looking for places to nest.

They're also feeding heavily. This means large groups of fish feeding in fairly predictable locations. Fishing gets tougher after the catfish begin spawning, sometime between late June and August.


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